As AES Yacht, our new shipyard investment spreading over a total area of 38.000 m2 in Kocaeli Free Zone will be put into service at the end of 2021 and will have the capacity to attract superyachts with a full length of 110 m to the closed hangar. Along with 2 closed hangars of 120 x 30 m and 1 closed hangar of 78 m x 28 m, new yacht production, all kinds of yacht maintenance and repair services will be provided inan open area of 15.000 m2, especially for our maintenance and repair projects. There are also workshop buildings such as closed block production, paint, stainless, mechanical, pipe, equipment and furniture. Our investments include a floating dock with a lifting capacity of 3,000 tons and Flexi Trolley equipment with the same capacity.

Total Yard Area

38.000 m²

Open Area

15.000 m²

Shed Area

9.500 m²

Workshop Area

3.500 m²